Saturday, December 27, 2014

Corti Brothers Exquisite Whiskey

Thanks for the pic, K&L. If I buy from you,
I can steal your pic for my dumb blog. Seems fair
There are some pretty good write ups here and here so I'm not going to go into the background when two people have already done it far better than I could.

Nose: Molasses, fig, and a ton of that earthy, oxidized sherry and port.

Taste: Overly tannic sherry. Some deep dark chocolate notes sneak in at the end. There are no explicit bourbon notes. Digging deeper there might be some rye notes, but that's a reach. A nice mouthfeel of a moderate aged spirit with some light oils.

Finish: Big wine bitters, a green-grape style sourness and acidity. Maybe the highlight of the product.

Balance: It doesn't take much to jump this product out to the top of the list for the most extreme barrel finished bourbon out there. The effort does not go unrewarded, this is a weird bourbon product that tastes a lot more like a dessert wine than a bourbon. There is novelty in this product. But it's a novelty that is executed perfectly. Highly recommended.

Grade: B

Would I buy again: One 375 mL bottle is enough.

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